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Welcome To Union Academy For New Generation

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UnIoN Clan Made This Academy to Get & Make Good Members

Conditions to Join UnIoN Academy

1 - You Should Mail teachers first   Single Shot   or Ju§t E

2 - You Must Passes An Exam To Join us

3 - You Should Have An Ambitious To Be Good Player And Ambitious To Join UnIoN Clan

4 - You Should Speak English

5 - You Should Register In The Site

6 - You Should Have Some Screen Shot For Your Score

7 - You Should Have an Experience In Mohaa atleast 2 Years

8 - You Must Have Skype Email

9 - You Should Follow Teachers Instructions

10 - You Should  Attend  Train Matches

11 - You Should Play in 2a Server and Vetus Server too  

12 - If Teachers See That You Good Enough To Join UnIoN Clan you  will join UnIoN Clan

13 - Teachers are the only persons Can let you join the academy you should get there accept

Good Luck Every Body

Academy  Members


The Page Under Construction...

UnIoN clan™ 2024